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HIPAA Compliance


TeleMD360 is a healthcare technology aggregator that sells application hosting platform services for healthcare providers and healthcare facilities. In certain circumstances with our services, we may act as a Business Associate in the provision of such services and technical support. In order to assist our customers and partners in assessing their risk related to the use of TeleMD360 products, we offer the following compliance information.


TeleMD360 Services


All of TeleMD360’s services are designed to reside and operate inside private networks of our own, our partners, or the covered entities using the services. In those instances where protected health information data is gathered or stored as part of our services, the security and privacy of the data therein is ensured by the physical and technology security features that we, our partners and the customer provides through policies in compliance with HIPAA requirements.


TeleMD360 services hosted by TeleMD360 or 3rd party hosting providers for delivery over the Cloud provide security and privacy tools to the covered entity.


a. Users are individually identified and authenticated using a unique user ID and password.
b. Users are given permissions to restrict their access only to the data deemed necessary by the covered entity.
c. Data is encrypted using SSL and AES encryption.
d. Length of time data is stored on host servers is arranged with the covered entity.
e. Covered entity data transmitted to host servers belongs to and is controlled by the covered entity.
f. Database changes are audited via log files.
g. User access is audited via log files.
h. User inactivity timeouts are configured and controlled by the covered entity.


Privacy and Security


TeleMD360 requires all customers and partners to execute a Business Associate Agreement. In certain instances it may be necessary for TeleMD360 employees to view sensitive information from the covered entity’s system in order to provide proper technical support for our products. TeleMD360 employees are trained that all patient and provider sensitive information viewed as a result of normal support procedures is treated as confidential and private. This data is viewed on secure computer workstations and servers requiring unique usernames and passwords to access such data.


Uniform Coding and Transmission of Data


TeleMD360 uses the covered entity’s HIPAA compliant formats to retransmit data to the entity or other 3rd parties as part of the delivery of services. All data transmitted and received by TeleMD360 services outside of the covered entity’s private network is encrypted and secured by SSL and AES.



TeleMD360 Privacy Policy 

Your privacy is important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities. This Privacy Policy document serves to explain how we collect, use and protect information about those who purchase, subscribe to, or use our services. The act of purchasing, subscribing to, or using any of TeleMD360’s services constitutes your acceptance of our practices as described in this Privacy Policy. 

Definitions:  “you” and related terms like yoursyourself, etc., refer to you, whether you are a visitor to our Site or a user of our Services. The terms “TeleMD360”, the “Organization”, or “we” and its similars like ourours, etc. refer to TeleMD360, LLC.


Device identifying information is the information that is left by the computer or other internet-enabled device you use to access our Sites or use our Services with. It may include information such as device type, IP address, browser type and similar information communicated by the computer or other device you are using. Device identifying information does not normally include any personally identifying information (defined below), although some device identifying information could conceivably lead to personally identifying information, if, e.g., the device or IP address from which you access the Site or Services were registered to your own name. 

Personally identifying information is information that is unique to or associated with you, e.g., name, contact information, credit card information, payment history, service login records and other personal information.  

When You Visit Our Sites  

When you visit the Site or use Services, you may do so as an anonymous “Visitor”, invited “Guest” or as a registered “User” and the information you share with us depends on which of these roles are you in. 

When you visit our internet Sites, your “device identifying information” may be recorded and stored as metadata by our systems. 

When we capture computer identifying information during your visit to our Sites, we use it to assist with our management decisions for our Sites, Services or marketing purposes. Cookies may be used to manage session based information intended to enhance your web viewing or Service experience, e.g., by preserving information you might have selected or provided to the Site. When a user accesses a website for the first time, a web cookie is sent from the website server to the user’s browser and stored with the browser in the user’s computer. Later when that user goes back to the same website, the website will recognize the user because of the stored cookie with the user's information. 

You can prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, have it notify you when you receive a new cookie, or disable cookies stored in your browser altogether through changes you can make to the browser settings in your computer.  

We may share aggregate statistical information regarding our visitors, users, customers, sales, traffic patterns, and Site usage with our commercial partners or with governmental agencies. None of this will include personally identifying information. 

When You Register On The Site or Use Our Services 

 You may register as a User on our site, which requires you to reveal certain personally identifying information before you can access information or services not available to Visitors. Some Users may become “Customers,” through purchase of products or subscribing to Services from us. Customers will also reveal personally identifying information that we request and use to provide the products or Services purchased or subscribed to. 

  • Financial Information 

In case of services requiring payment, we will need to request name, addressphone number and email address for processing invoices and payments. For your security, or that of your organization, we do not require or store credit card information to process payments. Subject to your prior consent and where necessary for processing future payments, your financial information will be stored on secure servers in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement. 

When You Provide Us With Your Information 

We receive and may store any information you enter on our website or provide to us in any other way. For example, we collect information you provide when you place an order, register with us, send us an e-mail or call us. 

TeleMD360 will only use computer identifying information and personally identifying information to serve your needs internally and will not intentionally release any information to any third party without your explicit approval, as set forth herein or unless ordered to do so by subpoena or other legal process. 

The personally identifying information you provide us is the only personally identifying information we maintain and use. If you become a Customer, your purchase, usage and payment history will be maintained so that we can provide appropriate levels of customer service and determine if there are other, appropriate products or services to offer to you. 

We will use your email address or phone number to contact you from time-to-time and/or as needed. TeleMD360 honors requests from Customers to review all personally identifying information maintained in reasonably retrievable form, which currently consists of your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and/or billing information, and will correct any such information which may be inaccurate. Customers may verify that appropriate corrections have been made. 

Personally identifying information is used to verify process and administer your product and service requests, assess credit-worthiness, maintain our commercial relationship with you, and analyze personally identifying information to better improve the products or Services that we offer. We may analyze personally identifying information in order to identify the products and Service offered by our affiliates or ourselves or by companies that we believe may be of interest to you, and to offer you those products and services. Where a third party or an affiliated company has a product or service that may be of interest to you, we may forward information relating to any such product or service to you. However, we will not share or forward your information with these third parties otherwise. 

We use your email address to send you bills, provision your Service, respond to questions you ask us or for certain administrative communications such as forgotten passwords. We may use your email address to send you email regarding the status of your user account. We never sell, rent, lease or give your email address or other personally identifying information to third parties, except as otherwise specified in this document. 

TeleMD360 may provide public forums for our Users to read and share information with other individuals, including anonymous, public Visitors. Any action you take in a public forum to disclose personally identifying information online through comments, blog posts, or other User generated content makes the information public information. Please be careful and use discretion when disclosing any personally identifying information in such a public forum. 

TeleMD360 has arrangements with third parties to provide certain elements of the Service we provide to you. For example, we license services and have interconnection arrangements with other vendors. We manage some of our operations using third-party vendors and some elements of your personally identifying information may be visible to these vendors. However, in all such cases we have secured contractual agreements from them to maintain confidentiality of all personally identifying information in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.  

Generally, we use personally identifying information for billing purposes, to provide and change services, to anticipate and resolve problems with your services, or to create and inform you of new products and services to better meet your needs. 

TeleMD360 uses business associate agreements and security policies and procedures that afford our customers the opportunity to meet HIPAA requirements. However, subscription to our HIPAA-compliant services will not in itself make covered entities HIPAA-compliant. Covered entities are still independently responsible for meeting all HIPAA requirements themselves by implementing policies and procedures relevant and specific to their own operations. 

We may provide aggregate statistics about customers, sales and traffic patterns. None of these reports or statistics will include personally identifying information. However, we reserve the right to use personally identifying information to investigate and help prevent potentially unlawful activity that threatens either TeleMD360, or any company affiliated with TeleMD360. Moreover, upon the appropriate request of a government agency, law enforcement agency, court or as otherwise required by law, we may disclose personally identifiable information without your consent or prior notice to you. 

Notification of Changes 

Any changes to the Privacy Policy Statement will be posted on our website and or forwarded to you by email to your registered address in order to keep you informed of any changes in nature of information collected, manner of collection, use and sharing of information. If at any point we decide to use Personal Information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify you by email and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses unless you have opted out from receiving all email notifications from us. You will not receive email notification of minor changes to the Privacy Policy Statement. If you are concerned about how your Personal Information is used, you should check back at periodically. 

You may have questions as you read this document. For further information, please contact the TeleMD360 Privacy Officer in writing at TeleMD360 LLC, 1704 Milan St., New Orleans, LA or 

The TeleMD360 Team 

Released: October 6, 2013 

Last Updated: March 13, 2020